Owner Lisa Cochran has been part of the greater Pinebelt / southern Mississippi community for over 40 years. She noticed a need for a more intimate salon setting that encouraged community. In 2014, she moved back to her hometown of Laurel and started boutique salon Studio R3 to bring this vision to life. Lisa now puts her full energy into giving back to the community and focuses the efforts in philanthropy through Studio R3. The small, well-trained staff is committed to service, hospitality and community.

Studio R3 is a team-based salon, meaning you should feel free to work with any stylist at any time! Whether due to a scheduling conflict or a “wild hair,” we encourage you to make an appointment with a different stylist without hesitation. It’s our commitment to provide a great service no matter whose chair you are in.

We know your story and now you know ours.

Call the salon, book online or text, or stop by for a visit.